LOGICPlus™ Upgrade Program

You Don’t Have To Replace it

You Don’t Have To Replace Your Outdated Mobile Shelving System – Make It State of the Art at a Fraction of System Replacement Cost. Space-Tek Europe is the leader in development of advanced electronic controls for mobile storage systems and the controls are utilized by leading manufacturers of mobile storage systems around the world. Now Space-Tek Europe has introduced LOGICPlus™ Upgrade Kits for use in existing mobile storage installations.

Space-Tek Europe is partnering with a selected group of mobile system professionals across the world to make this truly revolutionary technology available for upgrading previously installed mobile storage systems.

You may be wasting money

Replacing An Existing Mobile Shelving System May Be Wasting Money! The tracks and wheels and carriages of most mobile storage systems don’t wear out, they last for years and years. It is the crank mechanisms, safety floors and sweeps, limit switches and other mechanical parts that fail and cause system downtime and repair and maintenance expense. Buying a whole new mobile system just because some of the parts don’t work can be a needless expense at a time when expense control is so important.

And while the cost of the new system is a large budget item, it is only part the replacement expense. There is the cost of installing the new system and of course, the cost and inconvenience of removing the existing system and storing the materials during the long installation process.

In most cases, the LOGICPlus™ Upgrade Kit approach let’s mobile system owners avoid the expense, inconvenience and productivity loss of total system replacement.

Easy To Install

Advanced Design Makes LOGICPlus™ Upgrade Kits Easy To Install. Whether the existing mobile system is a mechanical assist drive or an electrical drive, LOGICPlus™ can be installed with no need to remove all stored materials from the carriages. The “Plug and Play” design of LOGICPlus™ dramatically reduces component installation time. In most cases the installation can be accomplished during off hours. Even if usage is 24/7, upgrade can be sequenced by section to minimize disruption of system usage patterns.

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