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The Space-Tek Europe Europe’s General conditions of sale and delivery


The Space-Tek Europe
….when mobile shelving must be controlled


Product Program

The up-to-date development, research and production facilities and Space-Tek employ only the latest technology for the development and production of electronic control systems for mobile shelving.

The product program consists of our own LOGICPlus™ Control System and all accessories are high quality Brand name components.


Experience and customer support

The people behind Space-Tek Europe has more than 30 years of experience in the shelving business, and we regard it as an important and exciting challenge to work together with customers and representatives to find the right solution to each mobile shelving system.

System Development and Production

To guarantee an on going development of the LOGICPlus™ Control System Space-Tek Europe have made a development partnership with Nordic Micro Tech in Denmark.

Nordic Micro Tech has been responsible for the development since the project started in the beginning of 1997 and the staffs has more than ten years experience with control systems for mobile shelving system. Both hardware and software development are done in a close relationship between our Customer, Nordic Micro Tech and Space-Tek Europe to get the best result possible.

The production and testing of the LOGICPlus™ Control System are outsourced to Paul E. Danchell A/S in Jyderup, near Copenhagen. Paul E. Danchell A/S has since 1966 supplied quality work to leading companies in Denmark and abroad and them uses leading technologies in production, production management, quality management, fault registration as well as administrative functions.

Paul E. Danchell A/S is ISO 9001:2000 certified.


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