EDS™ Person Safety System

EDS™ Sensor is an intelligent Motion and Body Heat Detector for Mobile Shelving System

With the installation of the EDS™ Sensor on your Mobile Shelvings you can…


…reduce the installation effort and time compared with light beams or light carpet


…shorten the access time because it allows users to enter an opening aisle


…increase the safety compared with any other safety system on the market today


…update your Mobile Shelving System to the state-of-the-art


…benefit of a truly passive safety system which requires no operator action to operate

Dual Technology

With the combination of two reliable technologies EDS™ Sensor sets new standard for safety and the operation of Mobile Shelving’s. This single unit can be a complete sensor solution—it makes any further safety equipment unnecessary.
The EDS™ Sensor is based on state-of-the-art thermal radiation sensors and operates with the latest microprocessor technology.


Intelligent Aisle Safeguard

The EDS™ Sensor is the only Aisle Safeguard system on the market for Mobile Shelving System that is able to detect the entire space of an open and a closing aisle. A complex detection software algorithm makes the EDS™ Sensor capable to see the difference between a person and a moving Mobile Shelving.


Detection fields

Each EDS™ Sensor detects approx. 3 x 1,5 m aisle with a minimum mounting height of 2 m. Up to 9 sensors can be linked together to overview a longer aisle.

Signal output and calibration

If the EDS™ Sensor detects a person it will activate the output signal and the LED indication. This signal remains active until the person(s) leave the detection area again. The signal output is a potential-free NO contact.
A calibration input is available in order to teach the software algorithm a new condition as a safe event.


Rapid temperature changes

There might be areas where the detector is too sensitive due to temperature interference from the environment, such as rapid changes in ambient temperature, etc.



The EDS™ Sensor is designed to be mounted by the mounting brackets directly to the top shelves or shelving uprights.

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